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Daorung Kaenphutsa aka Juen born and raised by her grandmother in a farm Middle East Thailand. Spending her youth helping the family in the fields and assisting her grandmother in the kitchen.

At the age of seventeen Juen went to study in Germany to graduate later into the healthcare’s sector. While she was a student she spend her time traveling and discovering the European cuisine.

The love for cooking emerged, a hobby became a passion . A dream to open her own place! So many years later KISS THE CHEF is an ode to her grandmother Mama Satu ( Holy mother )


Jean-Philippe Susilovic alias JP , fine tuning the dining rooms of London , NY city , LA , Dubai or even Capetown most prestigious restaurants amongst the biggest Chefs in the gastronomy world wide.

Becoming the protege of Gordon Ramsey and being part of international tv series for more than 15 years is a little to describe his career in the trade !

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